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Split Dollar

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Split dollar arrangements are a way for a business to help the business owner or key employees of the business acquire permanent life protection. It is also a way for an individual to assist another person (or trust) with the costs of acquiring a permanent life insurance policy.

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Split Dollar Loan for an OwnerSplit Dollar Loan for an Owner (Powerpoint)

Review the strategy of providing benefits to the owner of a corporation through a split dollar loan agreement.

Split Dollar Key PeopleSplit Dollar Loan for Key People (Powerpoint)

Review the benefits of providing executive benefits to an employee through a split dollar loan.


Executive Benefits StoryboardExecutive Benefits Storyboard

This presentation lets you take a journey through the benefits of using business funds to secure personal benefits. You have the opportunity to review:

  1. Retirement funding shortfalls
  2. The difference between taxable, tax deferred and tax free growth
  3. An executive benefit decision tree which will help you identify the executive benefit program that may be most appropriate based on the answers to just a few questions.
Executive Benefits Overview

This presentation will provide a high level overview of some of the programs available and may help you present the basic differences among the plans and the motivation to create an executive benefit program.



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