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At National Life Group, we take financial and estate planning strategies as seriously as you do.

While these calculators aren't a substitute for professional planning advice, they can provide some quick information about what steps you might want to take now to help achieve your financial goals. If you'd like any additional information or professional advice, we're here to help. Simply fill out the Contact Us form and we'll have one of our local representatives get in touch with you.

Life Insurance Needs

Most of us give little thought to life expectancy and think of life insurance as a way to provide for our families if we die prematurely.

Life Insurance calculator  

Time Value of Money

We all know that money and time are inextricably interwoven. If you take a little money and a lot of time, you can grow that little into a significant sum using the power of compound interest.

Which is Better: Cash up Front Or Payments Over Time?  

What Will My Current Savings Grow To?  

Compare Taxable, Tax-deferred and Tax-free Investment Growth  

Save Now vs. Save Later  

Retirement Planning

Our retirement planning calculators can help you test your assumptions about the future.

How Much To Save For Retirement?  

IRA Eligibility Comparison  

Roth IRA Conversion  

Impact of Inflation  

The Cost of Waiting  

72(t) Early Distribution Analysis  

What is My Projected Required Minimum Distribution?  

Are My Current Retirement Savings Sufficient?  

Compare the Roth 401(k) to a Traditional 401(k)  

Social Security Benefits Calculator (  

How Long Will My Retirement Savings Last?  

I'm Self-Employed, How Much Can I Contribute to a Retirement Plan?  

College Funding

Interest working for you now in a regular savings program is much better than having interest work against you in the future in the form of education loans.

College Funding Needs  

Personal Finances

Make your money work for you. Use these calculators to examine your financial position and show you the big picture throughout your working life.

Net Worth Statement  

What would my loan payments be?  

Estate Tax Estimator  

Federal Income Tax Calculator  

What is the Value of My Business?  

How Much Home Can I Afford?  

Investment and Saving

Risk Profiler  

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