Business owners work hard to build a business, you should work hard to help them protect what they have built.  Business succession planning is an important consideration.  Understanding and effectively communicating business transfer options involves identifying the various forms of buy-sell agreements as well as understanding the funding options. You should also be comfortable working with your clients other advisors to assure that a proper business valuation is in place and proper legal documentation is drafted.

The benefit of a buy-sell agreement cannot be overstated. A properly structured buy-sell can address and help eliminate potential problems or issues before they arise. For almost all business owners, a well designed and funded business succession plan may help bring security and peace of mind for the business owner's personal and business family.

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A buy-sell agreement protects a business if the owner were to die, become sick or disabled, or if they elected to terminate their employment early or retire. Without a plan in place, a business and its owners could experience:

  • Cash flow shortage
  • Inability to pay debts
  • Lack of income for the business owner, their family and their employees
  • Insufficient resources to pay required taxes - federal and state

There are tools available to help you share the importance of business continuation planning.

The attached presentation is generally used during a first appointment or at a data gathering session. It will help you explain why a buy-sell arrangement is vital to business owners.


There are common types of buy-sell agreements available. If you are discussing buy-sell with a business owner client it is important that you are comfortable with the various options. Each type of plan has its own unique features and benefits.

  • Entity Purchase Buy-sell
  • Cross Purchase Buy-sell
  • Wait and See Buy-sell

Be prepared to help your clients "Try on the Solution!"

How do buy-sells work? Have you ever tried to describe the mechanics of a buy-sell? This PowerPoint presentation will assist you in showing a client how the concept works.

A properly drafted buy-sell agreement could save a business owner, the company and their heirs a significant amount of money and ensure that assets are passed on quickly and without delay. Help your client understand why a buy-sell is important, how a buy-sell works, and the basic funding concepts available.

This presentation helps you and your client take a journey, exploring why a buy-sell is important, how a buy-sell works, the basic funding concepts available and interactive calculators that help demonstrate the cash flow of installment buy outs and buy outs funded with life insurance.

StoryBoard Calculator
This digital story board is the tool to use from open to close when discussing a buy sell with your client. It will help you to illustrate why business owners should have a buy sell with funding calculators that demonstrate cash flow associated with the installment and insurance funding options.

Business Valuation
Business valuation is a vital part of buy sell planning. Setting the value of a business can be accomplished through a number of methods. Special access to the BizEquity tool will provide your client with insights as to the possible valuation of their business. BizEquity is a third party vendor and not associated with National Life Group. Please log into the Agent Portal here to visit the Main Street Buy Sell Program.

One tool that is available is an online program from BizEquity. This tool will allow you to follow a seven step program that will help you arrive at a “scientific” valuation. Please note, BizEquity is a third party vendor and not associated with National Life Group. To learn more visit

Materials have been developed to help you effectively discuss the value of a buy-sell agreement with your business owner prospects and clients.

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Learn all about Buy-Sell planning through this eight module video program.

Key elements of Buy-Sell planning are reviewed in this technical guide.

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