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Our values extend to the environment. We believe our customers, agents and employees share our commitment to living sustainably and environmental stewardship is something that we embrace. We encourage energy efficiency, renewable energy, recycling and alternate transportation, leading toward a sustainable society. And we’re willing to judge ourselves with our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Our Commitment to the Environment

  • In 2009 National Life Group received Silver Certification in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Existing Building (LEED-EB) program, sponsored by the U.S. Green Building Council, the nation's leading non-profit authority for green buildings. National Life is the largest (543,992 s.f.) and oldest (1960) building in Vermont to receive LEED certification of any kind and the second existing commercial building in Vermont to receive a silver LEED-EB certification.
  • A 500kw solar array of 2,100 panels on National Life’s Montpelier campus was installed in 2014 and, with a 73 kw array of 418 rooftop solar panels, now provides nearly 15 percent of the company’s power demand.
  • View our solar output.
  • In 2010 National Life began using a state-of-the-art woodchip fired biomass system.
  • The installation of a solar thermal system supplies more than 50 percent of the hot water used in our Montpelier headquarters.
  • In 2012, National Life Group modernized its Vermont headquarters office space. Because of the modernization project, we are moving towards a “paperless-office” and have been able to dramatically reduce lighting energy use through a comprehensive lighting and controls upgrade.

Recycling Program

  • We divert over 74 percent of our waste from the landfill.
  • This includes food waste, paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, batteries and oil.
  • Waste ash from the biomass boiler system goes to farms for fertilizer Following the modernization project, we donated much of the 200 tons of office furniture to local community organizations.
  • Our shredded paper goes to a local farm, where it is mixed with sawdust and used as bedding for 700 milking cows.

Alternate Transportation

  • National Life offers incentives for those who walk, bike, carpool, or take the bus to work through our Alternate Transportation Program. Nearly a quarter of our employees participate in this program, helping to eliminate over 70,000 miles per month of single occupancy travel.

Community Garden

  • Vegetables from our community garden are donated to local food pantries and we offer employees garden space as well.
  • We recently donated over 2 acres of garden space to be used as a community garden for Montpelier residents.