National Life Group's Military Recruitment Commitment

National Life Group honors our military and is committed to the hiring and transitioning of our nation’s veterans. Members of the military bring discipline, determination and leadership to the company— intangible skills which are imperative to our success.

To show our commitment to integrating military personnel into the company, National Life Group executives and prominent community members established the Military Advisory Team. This team not only assists our People Center with military hiring but is dedicated to ensuring that new hires with military backgrounds are properly prepared for their new careers.

National Life Group Military Community

National Life has a Military Advisory team that helps with our overall military hiring and integration. Employees with military backgrounds work together to make sure veterans succeed. Click here to view the signed Military Advisory Team Charter.

Sharing a Common Mission – Do Good, Be Good, Make Good

National Life Group recognizes values that our armed forces instill in its members: loyalty, integrity, diligence, and selflessness. Our company actively follows these same values and expects them in all employees. Together we share a common goal in preserving our community.