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Bonus Arrangements

Bonus arrangements – sometimes called Executive Bonus Plans or Section 162 Bonus Arrangements – are a way to provide special benefits to the key employees and/or owners of a business. A bonus arrangement using life insurance that is owned by the insured is a way to reward key people.

Bonus arrangements, when used with a permanent life insurance policy owned by the employee, are easy to understand and simple to implement and can deliver the following benefits:

  • Tax saving - tax deductible to the business (assuming reasonable compensation)
  • Selective participation - the business selects the employees who participate in the plan
  • Employee benefits - the employee will own the permanent life insurance policy and will enjoy all the benefits of that policy
  • Simplicity - no IRS filings and no set up costs1

At National Life Group – we have a program called Bonus Plans 4 ½ ways – which helps identify at least 4 ½ different ways to design a bonus program. This demonstrates how flexible these programs may be.

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1 If a deferred bonus plan is used, additional requirements and costs will apply.


How to Choose an Executive Benefit Program

This presentation will provide an overview of some of the key decision elements of different programs.

Executive Benefit Decision Tree

This presentation walks you through a series of basic questions and provides preliminary guidance for a suggested program based on the answers provided.

Executive Benefits Overview

This presentation provides a high-level overview of other non-qualified programs that are available. Use this to present the basic differences among the plans and to garner motivation to create an executive benefit program.




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