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Capital Appreciation Portfolio

LargeCap Growth Portfolio

Small Cap Growth Portfolio


VPS International Growth Portfolio

VPS International Value Portfolio

VPS Small/Mid Cap Value Portfolio

American Century

VP Value Fund

VP International Fund

VP Inflation Protection Fund

Deutsche Variable Series II

Deutsche Small Mid Cap Value VIP

DWS Small Cap Index VIP

Fidelity® Variable Insurance Product

VIP Contrafund® Portfolio

VIP Equity-Income Portfolio

VIP Government Money Market Portfolio

VIP Growth Portfolio

VIP High Income Portfolio

VIP Value Strategies Portfolio

VIP Index 500 Portfolio

VIP Investment Grade Bond Portfolio

VIP Mid Cap Portfolio

VIP Overseas Portfolio

Franklin Templeton Variable Insurance Products Trust

Franklin Mutual Global Discovery VIP Fund

Franklin Mutual Shares VIP Fund

Franklin Small Cap Value VIP Fund

Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth VIP Fund

Templeton Foreign VIP Fund

Franklin U.S. Government Securities VIP Fund

Neuberger Berman Advisors Management Trust

AMT Short Duration Bond Portfolio

AMT Mid-Cap Growth Portfolio – Class I

AMT Sustainable Equity Portfolio

AMT Mid-Cap Growth Portfolio – Class S


Invesco Oppenheimer Conservative Balanced Fund/VA

Invesco Oppenheimer Main Street Small Cap

Invesco Oppenheimer Global Strategic Income Fund / VA


TVST Balanced Fund

TVST Bond Fund

TVST Common Stock Fund

TVST Small Company Fund

T. Rowe Price Equity Series, Inc.

Blue Chip Growth Portfolio

Equity Income Portfolio

Health Sciences Portfolio

Moderate Allocation Portfolio

VanEck IT

VIP Emerging Markets Bond Fund

VIPT Emerging Markets Fund

VIPT Global Hard Assets Fund