New Business at a Glance

Supporting Your Business in a Digital Environment

National Life is committed to helping you do business both in person and virtually. We’ve made some enhancements and have adapted our processes to better support doing business digitally. We’ve created this reference guide for the key information you need to know when selling life insurance and annuities. As this may change often, we encourage you to bookmark this page for reference to ensure that you’re continually up to date with all our available tools and information.

Breaking Down Improvements to Your Life and Annuity Sales Process

Prospect, Illustrate, and Consult with a Digital Presence

When communicating new opportunities, remember:
EZ Underwriting Limits for Life Products

EZ Underwriting Limits have been temporalily raised to $3 million for all permanent life insurance products (all IUL and Whole Life products) and $2 million for term series products.

Applicant age and product guidelines:

Applicant Age Face Amounts Up to and Including
18–50 $3,000,000 (all IUL and Whole Life products)
$2,000,000 (Term Series)
51–60 $1,000,000
61–65 $250,000

All annuity guidelines are in line with the specific product maximums, minimums and age limits.

Illustration eSignatures

Now – more than ever – is the time to use the iGO eApp submission from the Illustration system to eApp; however in the instances you cannot, we are now proud to offer a standalone Illustration eSignature solution via DocuSign.

Here’s what you need to know about the standalone Illustration eSignature solution:

  • You can now provide a signed illustration without the need to print out the document, have it wet signed, and then scanned, etc.
  • You can now provide an eSigned illustration without integrating to eApp (standalone) for situations when you must run illustrations for clients prior to beginning the application process.
  • Clients will retain an electronic copy of the signed illustration.
  1. Not available in CA & FL.
  2. You will need to use the web version of the Illustration System to integrate with DocuSign; this is not available with our disconnected version of the Illustration System.
  3. eSignature occurs via email rather than within the DocuSign system.
  4. You will still need to deliver the signed illustration to the Home Office through the same standard process you follow.

Annuity illustrations do not require signature. The above signature requirements apply to Life products only.

Marketing and
Training Materials

To access the above materials, you will be prompted to log in to the Agent Portal. Once logged in, navigate to the appropriate tab.