Term Conversions Made Easy

National Life Group Recruiting eKit

You know the value of permanent life insurance –

Make sure your clients know!

This eKit will help you connect with and educate your clients on the benefits of converting their term policies while they are still eligible.

Running a Term Conversion Campaign?

Term Conversion made easy on eApp!

No underwriting required*

Quick processing, as early as single-day issue for applications in good order

Simply select "Term Conversion eApplication" on the Pre-Qualification Screen

*Additional underwriting will be required if coverage amount is being increased or additional riders are being added.

Agent Materials

Here is quick reference guide that highlights a process to educate your clients on the benefits of permanent life insurance, some common objections, and how to turn those objections into a positive conversation.

Client Mailers

Client Conversion Post Card
This is a postcard that can be found and personalized on our CoBrand on Demand marketing system.

post card CoBrand on Demand Client Conversion Postcard

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Video and Social

This video is a quick and easy way to educate your clients on the features and benefits of term insurance vs. permanent insurance. This video is posted on the National Life Group YouTube channel, and can be shared with the approved emails and Hearsay posts below.

Emails can be found on our website under Marketing / Prospecting Emails. If you are an Affiliated Channel agent with approved social profiles, social posts are available in your Hearsay content library.


Affiliated agents, please find these posts in the Hearsay library for use on your approved social media sites. You may find posts specific to Term Conversion by filtering with the “Term Conversion” tag. Use the Affiliated Channel Social Media Playbook for tips and instructions in getting started on social.

Independent agents, you can share these from our Corporate Do Good social media pages to your LinkedIn, Facebook Business, or Twitter pages only - please do not add extra comments about the post. Use the Independent Channel Social Media Playbook for tips and instructions in getting started on social.

Here are the links to our Do Good social pages:
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