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Below are eApp enhancements that will make the application process even smoother. We will continue to update this page as enhancements are added.

eApp now features a more dynamic service for validating the authenticity of bank account information (for life applications only). The real-time validation check will look at the accuracy of the account and routing information as compared to what the bank’s reporting shows. You may be prompted in some instances to make corrections to account information if any discrepancies or typos are found.

Accuracy up front means a more direct and smooth route to policy issuance!

Beginning May 30, eApp Instant Communication is available to create even better transparency for your clients – upon submission of an eApp, you will receive an instant status update, including, in applicable situations, notification of an instant underwriting approval.

We understand that waiting can be frustrating; our instant communication provides real-time communication and you and your clients will see one of the following prompts upon submission:

  • Approval: We are excited to notify you that this application has received instant underwriting approval based on the information provided. Your case manager will reach out regarding next steps.
  • Case Referred to an Underwriter: Once your application is reviewed, we will reach out to you regarding next steps.
  • Outstanding Requirements: Once your application is reviewed, we will notify you if any additional requirements are needed in addition to the following:
    • Attending Physician Statement (example of requirement only)
    • Electrocardiogram (example of requirement only)

eApp Instant Communication Video


Q: How quickly will the communication happen?

A: Communication will happen instantly upon submission of the application.

Q: Will the decision be final?

A: The decision will be contingent based on the information provided and reviewed during the application process. Underwriting reserves the right to change/rescind an offer based on new information on the client. Additional requirements may be needed to proceed with issuing the policy, New Business will reach out to you promptly on these.

eApp will provide real time feedback on a client's identity based on the input information, for both Life and Annuity applications.

When additional documentation is necessary for ID Verification, you will receive a notification in real-time on the "Confirm Identity screen" indicating which form of ID should be attached. Please be sure to use the attachment section to upload your IDs.

ID Verification Requirements to Protect Your Clients Printable Client ID Checklist

This is now available for eSignature when applicable for both life and annuity eApps. Please note: not all carriers are accepting eSignature so there may still be a need for an ink signature.

Please click here for current listing of carriers accepting eSignature.
Whether or not an electronic signature on transfer forms will be accepted by the ceding carrier will be determined by the ceding carrier. NLG can process transfer forms that are signed via Docusign, or via E-App, but that does not guarantee the ceding carrier will process without a wet signature from the policy owner. We recommend the client or agent call the ceding carrier to verify if they will accept transfer paperwork signed via Docusign. In most cases we are finding that a wet signature is still required.

While it is the company’s preference to have agents meet with their clients on a face to face basis, we recognize that the changing business environment places demands on the need for a remote application process.

Remote Applications Sales Requirements EZ Underwriting Limits are Now $3 Million

And, we will take all remote apps, regardless of size.

Rapid Response Center: Prospect, Illustrate, and Consult in an Age of Social Distancing

You will have the option to submit Term Conversion applications (Form 20007) electronically.

Term Conversion in eApp is Easy…This Easy

Predictable guarantees on the most flexible whole life product in the industry.

Total Secure Whole Life Landing Page

A new Waiver of Premium Supplement for California (20641(0319) is available.

What’s New for Initial Premium Payment Options

One application can be used for all products (Form 8121CA). Other forms related to the application will be updated so that they are multi-company; Agents Report, Supplemental Information to the Application, Second Proposed Insured/Other Insured Application.

New life insurance application


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