Your Path to Success on Social Media

Worldwide, social media sites have attracted billions of users across all age groups who are actively interacting with friends and businesses every day.

Having an active social presence will help you build valuable relationships and general trust among your audience, whether they’re customers or even potential recruits. Social is an important touchpoint for forging and strengthening relationships with your current and potential customers that have come to expect a professional presence from businesses on social media. According to the 2019 LIMRA Barometer, 34% of Americans have used social to learn more about financial professionals. From a general marketing perspective, 73% of marketers believe social media marketing is effective for their business – it’s important for you, too—and likely will continue to grow in importance. 


Your clients and potential clients are already there – and expect you to be.

It’s free marketing for your business.

Our social platform, Hearsay Social, helps you automate your efforts.

Whether you’re just starting out or are an advanced social media user, we’ve provided resources on this portal to guide you on best practices for each approved social network as well as on broadly applicable social strategy topics such as content creation and engagement.


Before you start you social media journey, be sure to read our Official Social Media Policy so you can get started on the right foot.

Having an approved LinkedIn profile page is a prerequisite to using any other social channel at National Life. Whether you’re creating a new LinkedIn account or want to use an existing profile – check out our LinkedIn Profile Optimization Guide. Getting your LinkedIn Profile approved is the first step to getting connected to Hearsay, our required social media management and compliance tool.

Hearsay is National Life’s social media management platform where you will manage all your Business' social media activity. With Hearsay you will be able to schedule posts across your social media channels, recieve compliance approval on new content, access pre-approved content from National Life, and more. Visit our Hearsay Social Platform Guide to learn how to connect your approved LinkedIn page and everything Hearsay can do for your business.

Once your approved LinkedIn profile page is connected to Hearsay, you will have the option to connect other approved social pages or profiles includng Facebook and Twitter. For each social network that you want to post to, review our helpful guides – coming soon.

Facebook – Learn to compliantly set up your Facebook page for business use and review which features are approved for use.

Instagram – Learn the process of creating a compliant Instagram Business account starting from scratch and review platform features that are approved. Please Note: Facebook is a prerequisite to Instagram

Twitter – Learn to setup your Twitter Profile for business and basics for navigating Twitter.

LinkedIn Company Pages - If you're marketing for your agency, you'll want to ensure your business has a LinkedIn presence.

If Content is King then Engagement is Queen

To build a successful social media presence you will not only need to publish content regularly but engage with your audience regularly too. Learn how to compliantly maximize your efforts with our Social Media Content Guide and Social Media Engagement Guide – coming soon.