Heating system is powered with locally sourced woodchips.

Our biomass boilers displace 200,000 gallons of fuel oil each heating season by burning locally-sourced woodchips instead.

One of our annex buildings was upgraded to an electric heat-pump hot water heater, which will save around 2,000 gallons of oil each summer.

Prime parking spaces are reserved for those who carpool and expecting mothers.
Employees commute using the bus.

Alternate transportation incentives for employees who walk, bike, carpool, or take the bus.

Solar panels on the roof of our Vermont office and an adjacent field (photo on the investments page) provide 15% of the office electricity demand during summer months.

Outgoing mail
rooftop solar array

In 2020, we began electronic policy delivery. As the service expands in 2021, we expect to deliver more than 150,000 policies electronically, saving an amount of paper equivalent to 25 acres of rain forest.