Present! Toolkit
Your guide to on-site meetings with K-12 school district employees

Present! eKit

The 403(b) business boils down to your relationships with employers. The most effective strategies to serve all prospects involve steps to create a meaningful presence within districts and schools and build credibility over time. In short, you can create a presence by being present!

As the school year ramps up, this step-by-step guide will help you prepare for and facilitate on-site meetings with K-12 school district employees. You’ll especially see how to initiate and lead hands-on Benefit Fairs, New Hire Orientation and Faculty/In-service Meetings within approved school districts.

First, some ground rules. You must be approved to market to a school or district by both National Life's Retirement Services team and the school/district itself. All marketing you use in a National Life school slot requires our compliance approval, even if the marketing does not mention National Life. Note that email marketing to school addresses is especially sensitive and must have both compliance and school prior approval.

Homework & Supplies

Following are two comprehensive study guides that will help you prep and execute your meeting game plan.

  • The material on Engagement and Relationship Building within these guides focuses on strategies and ideas for the face-to-face meetings.
  • Overall, you’ll also see tools and references to use throughout the entire sales process, ranging from targeting prospects and building relationships to retaining a solid client base in the growing retirement plan market.

Persuasive Techniques

Opportunities to Get on the School District’s Schedule

Use School Rules & Open Doors

Did you know that the IRS requires the plan to give meaningful notice to employees of their right to make elective deferrals into a plan?
This creates a significant opportunity for you.

Not all districts are aware of the requirement. If you help them meet these requirements at no cost to them,
you’re offering a meaningful service and a straight inroad to gain new prospects for you.

Tap Our Programs & Promotions

Prizes for Pages helps build
relationships in school districts by promoting
and rewarding literacy.

Prizes for Pages Agent Tool Kit Thumbnail

Prizes for Pages Agent Tool Kit

Cat No. 102392

LifeChanger of the Year honors hundreds
of K-12 educators and other school employees
across the country for making a significant
difference in the lives of students.

Prizes for Pages Agent Tool Kit Thumbnail

LifeChanger of the Year Agent Toolkit

Be Part of Something Good

Bringing a School Supply Treasure Box is a great idea to help schools with much-needed resources at the start of the school year. Demonstrate that you understand and appreciate their struggles and will help where you are able.

Volunteer to clean up the garden, paint the teacher’s lounge, work during the Fall book fair...Whatever way you do it, work side-by-side with your clients and prospects and get to who they are and what makes them tick. National Life offers 40 hours of volunteer time to our employees because we believe in building relationships through service. You can be part of this too.

Spread the Word & Get Noticed

Ask the school if they will slip a meeting invitation into employee mailboxes.
And provide a handful of posters to be hung in employee lounges.

Prepare Your Retirement Lesson Plan

Your lesson should include a brief presentation, a handout (or two) and ample time for Q&A.

Fundamentals of Retirement Savings Presentation (15 min)

Class is in Session

Conduct the group meeting and collect the leads.

Checkmark Lead Card Best Practices    Checkmark Giveaway Trinket (in return for lead card)    Checkmark Appointment Setting    Checkmark Refreshments – Always

Find Your Relationship Manager

Relationship Management is here to help you succeed in the 403(b) marketplace.
The team consists of relationship managers with specific geographic focus who work closely with you to build new relationships and work smarter in the areas you do business.

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