Boost your Bottom Line with the Premium Increase Program (PIP)

National Life Group FIT eKit

The Premium Increase Program (PIP) is designed to reward your good client service.

When you take the time to check in with clients, conduct policy reviews and bolster their retirement preparedness with premium increases, you do good by your clients.

To reward the good that you do, each time you initiate a qualifying increase to an existing flexible premium annuity policy or initiate a qualifying lump sum increase, you earn full commission on the increase.

Directions for accessing and using approved E-mail templates

Click each image to view a thumbnail image of the E-mail. Full E-mails are available on the Agent Portal.

From the Agent Portal home page hover your mouse over the Marketing tile > find the Market Yourself section and click on Prospecting Emails. After thoroughly reading all instructions, click I have read and agree to the instructions for HTML use. Take me to available e-mails. and you will be directed to a landing page containing all of the E-mail templates contained in this kit.

Follow these instructions to prepare your E-mail:

  • Choose the template you would like to send to your recruiting prospects.

  • With your cursor on the E-mail, select all (Ctrl +A) and copy (Ctrl + C).

  • Open a new E-mail in your E-mail system. With your cursor on the body section of the new E-mail, paste (CTRL + V) the template into your email.

  • Personalize with your contact information where noted.

  • Add your subject line and send a test copy to yourself or a colleague.

Submit the final version of your E-mail to the Advertising Review Unit with the Advertising Submission Form to for review. Note that the E-mail may not be used until you have received written approval.