Upside Potential.
Downside Protection.

In addition to death benefit protection, our Indexed Universal Life Insurance products offer cash value accumulation potential.

This means policy values can be placed into any of the multiple Crediting Strategies plus a fixed account to diversify your growth strategy.

The indexed strategies offer upside accumulation value potential in your client's life insurance policy based in part on the performance of a major index. All of our indexed strategies also offer downside protection from loss with a 0% Floor Guarantee and our 1% Floor Option provides even more downside protection, in times when the index does not perform positively in a policy year.1

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How Index Crediting Works

This short video is a great way to show your clients how basic index crediting works.

Your Indexed Crediting Strategy Options
on our Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policies:

Annual Point-to-Point S&P 500 Index

Tracks the performance of the S&P 500 Index, the world’s leading benchmark comprised of 500 leading companies based on market capitalization.

Cap Focus Strategy

Guaranteed Minimum Cap 3.1%.

Participation Focus Strategy

Guaranteed Minimum Cap 3.0%.

1% Floor Strategy

Guaranteed Minimum Cap is 2.1%.

Fixed-Term Strategy

A basic yet effective indexing approach, in which interest is credited daily at a declared effective annual rate that we set at the start of each one-year crediting period.

We offer guaranteed minimum declared rate guarantees for this strategy. Rates differ by product. Please see specific IUL product guide for more information.

Credit Suisse Balanced Trend

This index aims to give clients a smoother long-term ride with a targeted volatility of 5%.2

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Important compliance note about index materials created by the index providers: We are providing these materials for your information - you may not share any index materials created by the index provider such as Credit Suisse, S&P, etc. You may only distribute index materials created and branded by NLG and intended for a consumer audience. We are in the process of creating a consumer piece that agents can use to direct consumers to index resources.


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