Sign Up for E-Documents

E-Documents is an electronic delivery service currently available only to owners of variable products. This service provides for the electronic transmission of the compliance materials (prospectuses and annual and semiannual reports of the underlying funds) associated with your variable contract. By utilizing e-mail and the Internet, this service allows you quick and easy access to your required documents without the burden of paper mailings. It is anticipated that the E-Documents service will be expanded in the future to include other materials and be made available to owners of non-variable products as well.

Variable product owners must be registered for web site account access in order to elect the E-Documents service. If you have already registered for web access to your contracts, you may elect E-Documents from your Welcome page after you have logged in.

If you have not registered for web access, click here to register. You will have an opportunity to elect E-Documents as part of the registration process.