Kim GoodmanMontpelier, VT (March 9, 2016) - National Life Group today released its consolidated financial results for 2015, reporting records in life insurance sales, flow annuity sales, and insurance in force.

“Once again we had an exceptional year,” said CEO Mehran Assadi. “Serving Middle America – individuals, small business owners and the multicultural market – is something we are very good at. We have been grounded on America’s Main Streets for 167 years.”

The companies of National Life Group offer a broad range of financial products, including life insurance, annuities, and mutual funds, as well as financial solutions in the form of estate, business succession and retirement planning strategies.

National Life is a leading provider in the 403(b) qualified tax deferred retirement savings market, with an emphasis on the K-12 school marketplace.

As of December 31, 2015, National Life had $31.1 billion of assets under management, served in excess of 829,000 customers, and had $93.8 billion of life insurance in force.

“The face value of our life insurance policies in force grew by more than $10 billion,” said Assadi. “To pass $90 billion is a true milestone that reflects the many, many people that we are protecting.”

Total revenues in 2015 were $1.8 billion while core earnings were $189.9 million.

Life insurance sales in 2015 totaled $184 million, an increase of $12.4 million over 2014.

“We have seen our life insurance sales double since 2011,” said Assadi. “Our message, our mission, and our values are resonating across the country.”

National Life is a mission-driven company built around its core values: Do Good. Be Good. Make Good.

Contact: Ross Sneyd, corporate communications, National Life Group, 802.229.3866.

Consolidated end of year results of NLV Financial Corporation and Subsidiaries, including National Life Insurance Company, Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, National Life Distribution, Sentinel Investments, and Equity Services, Inc.

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