National Life History

Since National Life was founded, over 168 years ago, we have been making commercial real estate investments and loans. From those early days, National Life has grown to be a reliable capital source to its growing list of clients and a recognized leader among its peers in the commercial lending arena. Through prudent underwriting and thoughtful leadership, the commercial mortgage program continues to add value to the business plans of its clientele and further enable National Life Group to fulfill its mission of keep its promises.

The commercial lending program is active today and through creative underwriting and deal structuring, NL Group remains very competitive in the ever changing commercial real estate lending market.

About National Life Commercial Real Estate

Through Sentinel Asset Management Inc., National Life provides fixed and floating rate first mortgage loans to experienced borrowers in the top ~50 real estate markets throughout the United States. Sentinel Asset Management is a subsidiary of National Life and invests on behalf of the general account of the insurance operations.

Commercial Mortgage Loans

As the third-oldest mutually owned insurance company in the United States with a portfolio of over $3 billion in commercial real estate loans, National Life has proven to be a consistent and reliable source for commercial mortgage debt.

National Life provides fixed and floating rate financing for a broad group of property types. Our seasoned professionals, along with a network of mortgage bankers, work closely with leading commercial real estate owners (local, regional and national). In order to strengthen the client relationship, we are focused on best-in-class services by providing timely and reliable solutions.

The National Life Program:

Fixed & Floating Rate Loans:

Permanent | Forward Commitment | Portfolio Loans | 30-90 day Libor

Property Types:

Industrial | Office | Multifamily | Retail | Single Tenant | Medical Office | Student Housing

Deal Size:

$10 million to $50 million (larger for portfolio)


Float 3 to 7 years
Fixed 7 to 30 years
Loan to Value: 75% maximum
Rate Lock: at application
Non Recourse

Why We're Successful

  • Quick decision-making
  • Certainty of execution
  • Relationship orientation
  • Tailored transactions
  • Seasoned/Professional Team

Regional Coverage

The foregoing is not intended as a solicitation of investment advisory services by Sentinel Investments, or a solicitation to invest in any public or private fund sponsored by Sentinel Investments, and instead is simply an announcement of National Life Group's property finance business to the private real estate community.

National Life Group is a trade name of National Life Insurance Company, founded in Montpelier, VT in 1848 and its affiliates. Sentinel Investments is the unifying brand name for Sentinel Financial Services Company, Sentinel Asset Management, Inc., and Sentinel Administrative Services, Inc.